Blocked Drains and Pipes

Plumber Toowoomba Blocked Drain and Pipe services have been on-going in the Toowoomba area with consistent high quality professional results for the past 20 years. When you have a blocked drain or blocked pipework you can count on us to use modern quality equipment to pin point the location of your problem and quickly and easily rectify it for you.

Guaranteed fast reliable same day service is what Plumber Toowoomba blocked drain and pipe service is all about. We provide accurate pre-job price estimates on complex blockages and fixed pricing on standard drain and pipe blockages. Blocked drains can be a potential health hazard and we ensure that after job completion any contaminated areas are thoroughly cleaned and treated with adequate disinfectants to ensure your safety.

All our vans carry blocked drain and pipework equipment including CCTV cameras, electric eels and water jetters. We even offer a sustained anti-root / anti- blockage program which provides accurate scheduled maintenance intervals to prevent recurring future blockages and avoid costly excavation procedures.


We use modern equipment to perform time efficient work that saves you money

Pipe Re-lining Services CCTV Pipe Camera Drain cameras
Pipe Locating Equipment Fixed Price Drain Repairs Electric Eels
Hot Water Jetting Equipment Tree Root Inhibitor Treatment Scheduled Maintenance Programs

Plumber Toowoomba blocked drain and pipe services utilises the latest CCTV camera technology coupled with advanced pipework locating equipment. Even our chemical root killer treatment is modern non-systemic, non-caustic, and non-fumigating. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has even classified our highly cost effective chemical root killer for general public use.

Plumber Toowoomba Blocked Drain and Pipe Services use multiple methods to rectify your blocked drains and pipes. We feed a metal cable into your blocked pipework which rotates and cuts away the root growth that is catching the debris and causing the blockage. We plumbers call it an Electric Eel and it’s an invaluable part of our pipe unblocking arsonal.