Hot Water System Services

Plumber-toowoomba-hot-water-system-repairsRams Plumbing & Gas your number one Plumber in Toowoomba Hot Water Repair and Installation services have your entire hot water plumbing requirements fully covered. Our services range from complete hot water system installations to high quality servicing of your existing hot water system. All work is 100% guaranteed.

We can offer professional advice on any new installations to ensure you utilise the most adequate hot water heater style to meet your hot water needs. Whether it is a continuous flow hot water system, Electric Storage, Solar Hot Water or Heat Pump, we can recommend the most efficient system to run for any business or residential purposes. The removal of your old hot water system and the installation of a new one is one of our specialities. Whether it is a large commercial business, units or flats, or even new and old strata managed sites – we have it covered.

Rams Plumbing & Gas has extensive removal and installation experience with all hot water system brands and we are more than happy to supply and provide 100% guaranteed quality installations of all major hot water system brands including:


Plumber Toowoomba Hot Water RepairsIf you’re thinking about a new hot water system installation you can do your part to play a role in saving the earth’s most precious commodity by installing a Smart-Start Saver hot water system. A Smart-Start system has the following benefits:

• Before you even turn on the tap your hot water is pre-heated in the pipes.
• Dependant on home size, the pre-heat feature only takes minutes to pre-heat water.
• Throughout the life of the hot water system the Smart-Start can save thousands of litres of water.
• The plumbing encircles the house as a ‘ring-main’ and to pre-heat the system you simply press the pre-heat button inside the house.

Rams Plumbing Toowoomba hot water system service encompasses all methods of heating and we’re happy to recommend a solution that is right for you. Some differing system benefits are listed below for your convenience to assist you making a choice suitable for your needs.

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Gas Hot Water Systems – The Gas System will definitely reduce your electricity bill and are also very quiet to run. Gas will also deliver full mains pressure and are relatively easy to install and convert from electric systems. All Gas Systems are Renewable Energy Certificate approved and you never have a need for any solar panels.

Solar Hot Water Systems – Fee Hot Water from the sun, solar Hot Water Systems are easily installed to existing houses with a number of options including closed coupled unit mounted on your roof or a split system with only panels on the roof and storage tank on ground. For more information on solar Hot  Water us today on 0417750414.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems- Air sourced heat pumps absorb heat from air and transform it to heat water they run on electricity but are around 3 times more efficient then a conventional electric Hot Water System.

Electrical Hot Water Systems- Electric hot water systems provide hot water much faster & they’re very reliable but they also inccur the highest power bill. Modern electrical hot water systems are safer than gas systems.

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We’re here to help take the confusion out of purchasing, installing, and maintaining your hot water system and if you decide to purchase a new system through one of the offers above you can rest assured knowing you won’t find a cheaper price anywhere on your system of choice. Simply quote the model number you wish to purchase and contact us via the Contact Us button above.

Continuous Flow Hot Water Heaters

CONTINUOUS FLOW HOT WATER HEATERS – Continuous hot water systems only consume energy when a hot water tap is turned on. Because the water is heated as required continuous heaters offer low running costs and are very energy efficient. Water Controllers can also be installed and offer exceptional water temperature control. Continuous systems are also very space efficient and Plumber Toowoomba hot water services deems them to be the most advanced systems available. Not only do continuous systems provide a flow of hot water that never runs out, they also have extremely low running costs and the option to integrate up to four water controllers. All continuous hot water systems come standard with Anti-frost technology and are available in multiple size options; 16, 20, 26, and 32 litres. Highly energy efficient with a 5 star rating and are also 3 star AAA shower compatible.